The InSPIREation Foundation funds meaningful financial literacy efforts that empower individuals and transform communities through knowledge, skills, and responsible decision making to attain financial freedom.



The InSPIREation Foundation (formerly Kentron) traces its roots back to September 29, 1938 when an organization called the Group

Health Association (GHA) was incorporated. The large part of the  mission of GHA was “to engage in activities for the promotion of health and well-being of its members through education…”  To further GHA's mission,  the Kentron Foundation was formed in 2002 to provide grants to organizations that promote whole healthy persons through wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Board Members

Robert Groven, President

Margaret Lulic, Vice-President

Cathy Statz, Secretary

Jean Andreasen, Treasurer

Casey Carlson, Director

Bridget Petersen, Director

Scott Jax, Director

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Falcon Heights, MN